The Pyraminx, also known as the triangle Rubik's Cube is a tetrahedron-shaped 3-layered twisty puzzle, having four triangular faces which are all divided into nine identical smaller triangles. This is the second best selling puzzle toy in the World after the Rubik's Cube with over 100 million pieces sold.


The Megaminx, previously called as Hungarian Supernova was patented by Uwe Mèffert. It is a dodecahedron-shaped face-turning twisty puzzle which is very similar to the classic Rubik’s Cube. The solution is almost the same, just a few new algorithms come in when you reach the last layer, so if you’re familiar with the classic 3x3x3 Cube then you won't have problems solving the Megaminx either.

1x3x3( Floppy Cube)

The 3x3x1 Floppy Cube is a single layer cube, having 9 cubes arranged in a square. It has 9 white and yellow stickers on the top and bottom and 3 green, orange, blue and red stickers on the sides. Only the corner pieces can switch places, so it has 192 possible permutations.