EG Method

The EG Method consist of three groups of alorithms, CLL, EG 1, and EG 2.
They all add up to 128 algorithms, without reflections, meaning that there is another 128 algorithms
which is similar but not exactly the same. Therefore, this method is very advanced and is recommended if you
want to get below 2 seconds. The first group(CLL) for 2x2 consists of 42 algorithms, and is used to solve the
whole cube after the first layer is solved and permutated.

First layer solved
First Layer solved
Completed 2x2
Completed 2x2

EG1 and EG2 solves the whole cube after one layer is solved but not permutated.

One layer solved but not permutated
One layer solved but not permutated
Completed 2x2
Completed 2x2

As you can see solving the 2x2 with EG requires only 2 steps, but it is very advanced as there
are up to 256 algorithms to learn. To be able to solve the cube under 2 seconds, you will
need to master all 256 algorithms and execute them very fast, which requires a long time
and a lot of practice.

Below is an in-depth tutorial on the 2x2 EG Method

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